Auto Insurance Coverage Options

When you shop for your auto insurance policy with Direct Car Insurance, you have access to hundreds of types of coverage from dozens of insurance brands. This page takes a quick look at many of these options and from here you can better understand exactly what type of auto insurance policy you’re looking for whether it be a basic liability, commercial coverage, or a temporary policy to drive to Mexico. Direct Car Insurance - Lowest Rates - Logo

Passenger Options

These insurance coverage options are those available on all of our passenger vehicles. A normal passenger vehicle is considered to be any vehicle that is designed to carry less than 10 people and is not intended for any specific commercial purpose.


Liability auto insurance policies are the ones that you need to drive legally. There are some states which allow licensed drivers several ways to prove their financial responsibility, but in most states, there is a legal requirement to purchase this type of insurance for any vehicle with a license plate in which the owner plans to operate on public roads or property.


Collision insurance provides protection against damages resulting from any of the four major types of collisions: vehicle to vehicle, pedestrians or cyclists, vehicles and structures, and vehicles with animals.

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This type of insurance coverage provides the maximum amount of protection for your vehicle and the property therein. Many coverage options of seemingly random acts of nature and chance comprise a comprehensive insurance policy and protect your car from almost everything.

SR-22 (Financial Responsibility)

This is a special type of auto insurance for people who need to demonstrate to a judge or the department of motor vehicles that they are and will continue to be financially responsible for their own actions while driving.
Many people will need this type of coverage after a serious accident or a conviction for DUI, DWI, or reckless driving.

ATVs | RVs | Other Specialized Vehicles

For the thrill-seekers and adventurers, we also offer specialized auto insurance policies on ATVs, RVs, and UHVs among other ‘V’s.

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Commercial Insurance Options

People that use their vehicles primarily for business, or who own a vehicle that poses a more formidable risk to other drivers and the environment must purchase a commercial auto insurance policy like one of the ones below.  

Business Owner Packages (BOPS)

Business owner insurance packages are multi-line insurance policies that save business owners money by combining coverage options and lowering monthly premiums as well as over-all insurance costs.

Commercial Auto Insurance (Liability)

We sell affordable commercial auto insurance coverage that is guaranteed to protect and a number of commercial vehicles and employed drivers from personal or professional liability. That means that your business will be safe regardless of whether an employee causes a fender bender of a fatal accident. 

Commercial Comprehensive Coverage

It’s quite a mouthful, but commercial comprehensive insurance coverage is guaranteed to protect your commercial vehicle from the maximum number of perils or potential sources of property damage in addition to providing the same robust commercial liability auto insurance that a basic policy does. 


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